The 4 Spring 2023 Fashion Trends You Need In Your Closet Now

The 4 Spring 2023 Fashion Trends You Need In Your Closet Now

By Sofi Cisneros


It’s officially Spring, which means new life, newfound cleanliness, and, of course, new clothes. With Fashion Week’s 2023 seasons officially behind us, the trend cycle has become reinvigorated with fresh styles, aesthetics, and pieces to integrate into your wardrobe. 

Four main trends in particular seem to clog the fashion world and our social media feeds more than others this season: motocross style, denim everything, distressed/unfinished, and utilitarian style. If this season’s wide range of trends share one feature in particular, it’s their strikingly masculine undertones that are often juxtaposed with more traditionally feminine accents. 

So though you might find yourself sporting a distressed leather jacket or a pair of moto boots, don’t be afraid to oppose these pieces with a dress, heels, or dainty jewelry. Play with that irony, and have fun clashing unconventionally paired items together. The best part: it can be done sustainably.   

Without further ado, here’s an in-depth look at the top spring trends that dominated the runways, the streets, and social media:

  • Moto Style
  • Distinctly Denim
  • Imperfectly Distressed
  • Utilitarian & Military Style 
  1. Moto Style 

Motocross inspired pieces have come back swinging in a resurgence of grunge chic-ness. Think leather, bold hues, metallic detailing, and an overall biker meets model off-duty look. Brands like Jil Sander and Versace, as well as models like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber have all picked up where moto pioneers Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell left off in the 90’s and early aughts.
Sustainably achieve the look: Search for items on second-hand online stores  similar to “vintage racer jacket”, “leather moto boots”, “biker pants”, or “leather moto skirt”.
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  1. Distinctly Denim  

2023’s early trend cycle has maximized denim’s capabilities and pushed its uses beyond your everyday pair of jeans. Diesel sheathed everything from purses to kitten heels in denim during its FW23 show, while Y/Project embellished several garments in frayed denim detailings. The denim maxi skirt has even become one of the “it” pieces of the past year, and we’re sure to see its popularity continue into 2023.
Thankfully, denim’s timelessness makes it easily accessible to shop through second-hand markets or even DIY into your own creative reconfigurations to make it even more sustainable & unique.
Sustainably achieve the look: Trendy, second-hand denim searches include “vintage Levi’s jeans” or “denim maxi skirts”. You can even opt for repurposing old jeans by upcycling them into anything from a purse to a cute bra top.
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  1. Imperfectly Distressed 

Gone are the days of clean cut hems, and enter ripped cut-outs, shredded embroidery, and destroyed detailings. Unfinished-esque pieces like Prada’s spring 2023 printed satin midi skirt, Dries Van Noten’s distressed mint midi skirt,  and collections similar to Yohji Yamamoto’s and Dilara Findikoglu’s asymmetrically constructed looks will take your everyday get-up from rigid and formulaic to subversively stylish. 

Sustainably achieve the look:  Search up whatever item you wish to don, and add keywords such as “ripped”, “torn”, “frayed”, “fringed”, “destroyed”, or “deconstructed”. But if you really want to emulate the unfinished, distressed vibe, recreate the trend yourself! Simply take a pair of scissors, tweezers, or any tool that suits your needs, and go to town on whatever clothing item you feel lacks some imperfection.   

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  1. Utilitarian & Military Style 

Utilitarian and military styles have completely overrun today’s top fashion trends. Think an unnecessary amount of pockets, buttons galore, cargo, canvas, or nylon material, buckles and zippers everywhere. Inspired by military and wartime wear, this trend can be defined as avant-garde practicality and functionality. Miu Miu, Isabel Marant, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton are just a few of the many labels capitalizing on the current utilitarian craze.
Sustainably achieve the look: Scour pre-owned fashion stores for cargo pants, military style jackets, heavily buttoned mini skirts, pocket-adorned bodysuits, or cargo messenger bags (hint: check out vintage George, Gina, and Lucy bags).
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As always, we encourage our SRW community to shop responsibly and cultivate ethical fashion habits while staying on trend and stylish. Thankfully, these four explosive trends’ inherently sustainable nature makes for an easily accessible second-hand purchase or DIY moment. Though trends like Y2K, balletcore, and avant-garde sportswear will forever circulate the trend cycle, these new styles bring a fresh perspective to the table for the spring and beyond. 

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