Shop Repurpose Workforce Style Guide

Shop Repurpose Workforce Style Guide

By Sofi Cisneros

Our Shop Repurpose community includes a myriad of people and groups all working towards the common goal of social good and cultivating a circular economy. However, this growing family we’ve begun at our humble Soho corner would be wholly incomplete without one group in particular: our Workforce Development Program. 

Members of our workforce manage operations, marketing, upcycling, and sales. Through our program, this group of budding interns, sales associates, and young volunteers get hands-on working experience, as well as obtain mentorship opportunities that set them on a clear path to economic independence.

And with Women’s History Month in full swing, it goes without saying that these workforce members truly embody everything this movement stands for. All members are talented, empowering -- and extremely stylish. Without further ado, meet some of our fashionable workforce to learn about their personal styles, fashion advice, and experiences working at SRW.



  Marisa Rifici -- Social Media and Marketing  Intern

1. OOTD:  Top is Depop, skirt from Savers, necklace from a vintage fair, shoes are Dr. Martens.  

2. Personal Style/Inspo: Thrifty, vintage, 90s/y2k, inspo is gilmore girls.  

3. Style Advice: Don't sleep on hair clips! 

4. Favorite part about working at SRW: My favorite part of working at SRW is the hands-on experience and the welcoming team we work with.





Alexi Mortenson – Associate Director

1. OOTD: Dress: Rachel Roy, Jacket: Mossimo, Booties: Kelly & Kati. 

2. Personal Style/Inspo: Edgy boho. I wear a lot of floral or patterned skirts and dresses that I pair with leather jackets and tops.

3. Style Advice: Wear what you are most confident in! Don’t be afraid to try something new if it excites you. 

4. Favorite part about working at SRW: I love working at Shop Repurpose because it fosters an environment that promotes lifelong learning and connects individuals from diverse backgrounds that have a common interest in making an impact. 





     Nicolette Armijos – Photo Intern

1. OOTD:  Black turtleneck, jeans, Dr. Martens, Dezi sunglasses, thrifted brown jacket. 

2. Personal Style/Inspo: Really anything on Instagram or Pinterest that sparks my interest but also some magazines.

3. Style Advice: Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, confident, and good! No matter what the trends are.

4. Favorite part about working at SRW: My favorite part about working at SRW is the team building and community. SRW is a welcoming place that helps you learn and grow in whatever field you want to do. I also enjoy learning more about fashion and sustainability and the roles they play together!      




Nandini Gulwani – Operating Intern

1. OOTD: Shirt is from Jones New York, Pants are from H&M, shoes are Air Jordan 1 Mid SE ‘Homage’.

2. Personal Style/Inspo: Love styling statements with basics. 

3. Style Advice: If you think your outfit looks boring add more accessories to it.  




 Tania Soriano – Volunteer

1. OOTD: Wool coat is from Nordstrom, Cropped Blazer is thrifted, Black Top is from Zara, Pants is from Pull & Bear, shoes are New Balance. 

2. Personal Style/Inspo: 90s vintage but it changes so much.

3. Style Advice: Develop your personal style and curate your wardrobe. Shop consciously!


4. Favorite part about working at SRW: I have a huge passion for sustainability in fashion and working with SRW directly transforms my passion into action as I get to work with a team whose mission is based on their environmental and social impact.




 Hailey Weber - Sales Associate 

1. OOTD: Pants thrifted express, button down is from L train, denim vest from savers, shoes are converse and necklace and earrings from urban outfitters.

2. Personal Style/Inspo: A little bit inspired by 90’s style. Some of my favorite things are denim and bright colors. 

3. Style Advice: Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and what makes you feel like yourself. 

4. Favorite part about working at SRW: I love working at SRW because it gives me the chance to meet and work alongside so many new people who care and support SRW’s mission. 


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