Mental Health and Fashion

Mental Health and Fashion

How Fashion Can Help Improve Moods 

When you think about Fashion, what is your first thought? Self-expression? Communication? Identity? Fashion has been used as self-expression, to communicate and feel connected to a community. Fashion is a way you can convey your personality, mood, and identity to others. 

Retail therapy usually has a negative stigma surrounding it however being conscious of your purchases of clothing items are great confidence booster

It’s also been proven that certain colors help tackle specific things. Color psychology has been around for a while, and used in different types of treatment areas. With that in mind, you can style clothes with colors to help moods, green helps reduce anxiety while blue is associated with calmness and concentration. 

Ways Fashion Helps Others 

While Fashion can help oneself it can also be used to help others. Fast Fashion has been on the rise, and since then it has hurt our environment and others in the process. In this generation where change is happening, shopping vintage, secondhand, and resale are great ways to help those around you. Shopping at Shop Repurpose not only aids in finding cute clothing but also helps us with our mission of funding a robust workforce development program that includes job readiness, training, mentorship, and scholarships for higher education through our net proceeds. Repurposing items and giving them a second home, 

Shop Repurpose is hosting a DIY Upcycled Tote Craft Night on October 24th from 5-8. We welcome you to create your very own one-of-a-kind custom tote from reclaimed artist canvas. Come join us to have a great time in a relaxing environment and meet new people!

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