Women Who Are Making History Today

As Women’s History Month is drawing to a close, let’s remind ourselves that women’s history happens everyday right before our eyes. Leah Thomas, Emily Adams Bode, and Pranjal Jain are influential women making a difference today with their work. These young changemakers are improving the spaces of sustainability, fashion and women’s empowerment. Their dedication to creating a brighter future will certainly leave a mark in women’s history. 

Leah Thomas

Leah Thomas aka @GreenGirlLeah on Instagram is an environmental communications specialist and eco-lifestyle blogger. Thomas ventured into climate activism upon studying Environmental Sciences and Policy at Chapman University. As a St. Louis, MO native Thomas was deeply affected by the events surrounding the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Consequently, intersectional environmentalism became the foundation of her advocacy. Intersectional environmentalism is an inclusive approach to environmental issues that prioritizes people and the planet. Intersectional environmentalism identifies the ways marginalized communities are impacted by environmental injustices. Thomas has previously worked closely with Patagonia and the National Park Service. She was also a regular contributor for The Good Trade. Thomas is now the founder and creative director of the Intersectional Environmentalist platform. IE is a resource and media hub that promotes environmental justice and inclusivity within environmental education and movements. In the past, IE partnered with companies such as AllBirds, Tazo, ATMOS and more. Thomas continues to use her platform to advocate for social and environmental justice. 

Emily Adams Bode

Emily Adams Bode is breaking a barrier in fashion as a menswear designer. Her eponymous brand, Bode sells luxury menswear and has been sported by celebrities like Harry Styles, Jordan Peele and Leon Bridges. Bode’s designs combine “modern workwear silhouette with female-centric traditions of quilting, mending and applique shape”. Additionally the brand utilizes sustainable practices by using vintage-sourced material and generating small production sizes. In February 2017, Bode became the first female designer to ever show at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. A year before Bode’s NYFW debut Business of Fashion reported that female designers are still in the minority. The article revealed that only 40 percent of womenswear brands were led by female designers. Being a female designer in menswear is far more rare. Bode’s accomplishments are truly exceptional. Her outstanding work offers hope that there will be more opportunities for women in men’s fashion.

Pranjal Jain

Pranjal Jain used her experience with cyberbullying to become a leader in her own community. In middle school Jain had created her own curriculum on cyberbullying prevention. Within that same year Jain discovered how powerful her own voice can be. When she received a response from President Obama after writing him 100 letters Jain knew her voice could make an impact. In high school after the 2016 presidential election Jain organized events to unite a divided community. In an interview with the Defiant Movement Jain admitted from those moments that she learned “the power of addressing things with more compassion and letting that get results”. Jain is now a student at Cornell University and continues to make a difference virtually. In 2019, Jain started her own women-led organization called Global Girlhood. Global Girlhood embraces intercultural dialogue and global citizenship by amplifying the voices of women across the world. Jain also serves as an associate director for Gen Z Girl Gang, an online community which supports female leaders of this generation with mentorship and networking opportunities. Jain’s leadership in social justice and women empowerment is an inspiring example for young women everywhere.

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