Making a Difference with Sustainability

Creating a brighter and lasting future for the generations to come starts with sustainability. Today, sustainability is so important because it helps reduce waste and protects the natural environment. It calls for a change in the harmful processes that affect the environment to avoid severe repercussions. Sustainability is only the solution to maintaining Earth’s ecosystems and a better quality of life because it challenges the three following categories: social responsibility, environmental conservation and economic development. Altogether these three elements promote protecting the environment as well as helping people and communities too. Pollution comes with many negative consequences. While it destroys the environment it is also very damaging to people’s health. Sustainable practices can help reduce and prevent pollution. It has the ability to help improve water and air quality too. Sustainability is also capable of encouraging economic growth. By using available resources responsibly, sustainability works toward improving environmental conditions and the quality of life for all people. 

Repurpose Wardrobe is proud to have sustainability as an integral part of our mission. It directs our focus on how to help people and the planet. Jessie Freschl, a NYC stylist and the founder of Repurpose Wardrobe, envisioned the idea when she realized many of her clients’ unwanted clothes could serve a greater purpose. As opposed to joining the 11 million tons of textile waste produced each year, Repurpose Wardrobe gives clothing an extended life. Repurpose Wardrobe collects previously loved luxury items and uses the net proceeds to raise funds for our partner non-profit organizations. We have developed a “Style For Good” community made up of generous givers. The monetary donors, merchandise donors and sustainable shoppers of Repurpose help support our cause. Those who donate clothing or shop our catalog help improve the lives of people and save the environment. With the rise of clothing resale growing everyday, Repurpose Wardrobe offers customers a unique experience. Customers get the chance to shop sustainably and give back to those in need. The Repurpose team is made up entirely of women who are inspired to create positive change. We offer mentorships and workforce opportunities that empower women from under resourced backgrounds. Our efforts work to keep clothing out of landfills, support women and generate opportunities that will strengthen communities. 

This year Repurpose Wardrobe is raising funds for three non-profit organizations. These charitable organizations function on a national, state and local level. Our 2021 grant recipients are World Central Kitchen, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NYS) and Women in Need NYC. World Central Kitchen helps communities affected by crisis by providing food and improving economic conditions. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NYS) offers mental health services to support individuals and their families affected by mental illness. Women in Need NYC helps homeless women and their children by providing them shelter and housing. Repurpose Wardrobe is proud to be partnering with each of these organizations that work so hard to uplift others. It’s never been more important than now to shop sustainable, shop responsible, and shop for a purpose.

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