Women Supporting Women: Creating A Foundation For Success

Women Supporting Women: Creating A Foundation For Success

By: Rebekah Paszkiewicz


Women’s History Month is here and now more than ever we need to uplift each other. There is power in numbers, so when we stand behind each other we help create a foundation for success. 

Here at Repurpose our mission is to raise funds to develop programs to support the health and wellbeing of individuals as well as empower through mentorship. One way we are able to do these things is by supporting organizations that align with our mission. 

Bottomless Closet is an organization that works to inspire and guide disadvantaged women to enter the workforce. Women in need arrive at Bottomless closet and are paired up with a volunteer career coach who will work one on one with them throughout the process. They start off by creating an outfit that the client is able to wear in a professional setting that will immediately boost their confidence and be the first stepping stone to success. Once that is done, the client then sits with in-house resume experts who help create the best resume to highlight their qualifications. They are then given multiple copies as well as a flash drive to keep. During this time the client and volunteer career coach conduct mock interviews to ensure a lasting good impression when they go into a real interview. 

Win is another organization supported by Repurpose. Win provides safe housing as well as critical services to women and their children in an effort to break the cycle of homelessness and help rebuild their lives. They run 14 shelters and over 400 supportive housing units around New York City. There are also programs in place to provide childcare, education, life skills, and income building for those who need it. They provide the means for women in need to regain their independence and pave the way for a brighter, better future for them and their children. 

These organizations embody the idea of women supporting women. They raise funds to be able to raise women up and make a more successful future more attainable. Let this month serve as an opportunity to do good. You can look into Bottomless Closet and Win to see how you can help directly from their sites. You can also shop, donate, or volunteer with Repurpose to make an impact in the life of women in need.

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