Pre-Loved Luxury Treasures

Pre-Loved Luxury Treasures

Natalie Lambrelli


For this week’s blog, we asked our team to share stories of when they found their favorite pre-loved luxury pieces and how they incorporate those pieces into their daily wardrobe!


Jessie Freschl- Shop Repurpose Founder

“I recently styled my family for my middle daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. After settling on a Neon & Graffiti theme, we researched dresses for Gabi, the Bat Mitzvah girl, and her two sisters. Being a stylist, my daughters are my most difficult clients- but I nailed it! With less than two weeks to the party, I needed to find my outfit. I made a commitment to purchase 80% of my wardrobe from upcycling or vintage. I made an appointment at a legendary vintage collector in Brooklyn. Sifting through her amazing collection of vintage, there it was, peeking out between two dresses…the most perfect vintage Todd Oldham skirt that brought my girls outfits all together! I only got to loan out the skirt because the collector loved the piece so much- but it was the absolute perfect pre-loved purchase/borrow I ever experienced.”


Samantha Giordano- Shop Repurpose Stylist

“I have so many pieces I love! My favorite is probably a Matthew Williamson coat I got because I can style it so many ways and it’s a great way to elevate my simple outfits in the winter. You can actually see it featured in one of Shop Repurpose’s Instagram Reels. People always ask where it’s from and I tell them!”

“My favorite story when helping a customer was a nurse who came into the store feeling down because she had recently been dealing with health issues and was feeling insecure because she had gained weight. She had an event that night and had no idea what to wear. She ended up finding a jumpsuit that fit her beautifully and I saw her face light up! She couldn’t wait for her husband to see her and got really excited about the event.”


Barbara Nevis- Shop Repurpose Volunteer Sales Staff Member

“I knew I wanted a cuddly statement coat. Volunteering at Shop Repurpose really opened my eyes to shopping ‘previously owned and loved’ clothing! I saw this vintage Donny Brook Picasso faces plush button coat at the Manhattan Vintage Show. Again, something I never would have considered attending before working at Shop Repurpose- but I knew I had found “the one”! I love the look and feel and always get a ton of compliments on it!”


Valentina Valencia- Shop Repurpose Summer 2023 Intern

“I went shopping on the RealReal and bought a Frankie Shop jacket for over half off the original retail price. I love the avocado green color and a lot of people actually compliment me on it for the color! I like to use it as a fun layering piece because it’s oversized and comfortable.”

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