5 Timeless Pieces for Every Wardrobe

5 Timeless Pieces for Every Wardrobe

Natalie Lambrelli

Everybody needs staples in their wardrobe.

You know them: high-quality, timeless, versatile, and flattering pieces that can withstand years of wear. No doubt, pre-loved luxury makes for the best staple pieces you can reach for again and again, saving you from the age-old crisis of staring into a full closet and uttering the ever-familiar, “I have nothing to wear.”

Here are 5 timeless pieces you can get from Shop Repurpose!


Wool Coat

Wool’s fibers have “natural kinks and bends” that give it insulating, ventilating, and moisture-wicking properties. In fact, wool can absorb around 30% of its own weight before feeling damp and generates heat while drying!

With a wool coat, you can count on feeling comfortable and dry year-round.

Fleurette Coat, Size 4


Prada Coat, Size 6


Burberry Coat, Size 8


Giorgio Armani Jacket, Size 10


Black Dress

The classic LBD! In many ways, black dresses are the ultimate staple piece.

Dresses can be dressed up or down to suit almost every season and occasion- and of course, black is an extremely versatile and flattering color. It’s always a good idea to have a couple of black dresses on hand: feel free to explore different silhouettes, lengths, fabrics, and detailing to suit your personal style!


Oscar de la Renta Dress, Size 6


CD Greene Dress, Size N/A


Akris Studio Dress, Size 4


St John Dress, Size 8


Givenchy Dress, Size 38


Cashmere Top

Cashmere is another miracle material! It’s insulating, breathable, and exceptionally soft.

And because it’s so breathable, cashmere is an ideal fabric to wear in the summer as well as the winter. This means that the cost-per-wear for cashmere pieces is often significantly lower than the retail price.

(Of course, buying pre-loved cashmere is the most cost-effective and sustainable way to add this staple to your wardrobe!)


Valentino Top, Size L


Oscar de la Renta Top, Size M


Malo Top, Size N/A


Baja East Sweater, Size N/A


A Pair of Trousers

Owning a high-quality, well-fitting pair of trousers means that you can count on always being able to quickly pull together a professional looking outfit (whether or not you’re actually heading into the office!)


Proenza Schouler Pant, Size 4


Balenciaga Trouser, Size 8


Gucci Trouser, Size 8


Prada Pant, Size 8


A Pair of Heels

Paired with jeans or a pencil skirt, a pair of heels will instantly elevate any outfit.

Whether they’re sky-high or lower-to-the-ground, heels are flattering, feminine, and versatile!


Manolo Blahnik Pump, Size 6


Sergio Rossi Heel, Size 8


Stuart Weitzman Heel, Size 9


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