No Better Time to Shop For a Purpose

By Zarah Harris

When you shop with Repurpose there’s a power behind your purchase. The money you spend has the chance to change the life of someone facing a difficult challenge. Each time a stylish piece is sold from our collection the net proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations that seek to improve the lives of women and their families. Our fundraising efforts help support our partner non-profit organizations so that they can continue to carry out their mission of serving others. Shopping with Repurpose is a great way to give back to communities and mother nature.

Customers of Repurpose make an impact on the lives of the others with their shopping. Behind each sale a social cause is able to receive financial assistance. In the past, Repurpose Wardrobe has directly supported organizations like Girls NYC, Every Mother Counts, Dress for Success and more. Many of the organizations we partner with do work that empower women, support communities or help those in need. Our 2021 Grant Recipients include Women in Need NYC, The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NYS) and World Central Kitchen. Supporting Repurpose can help raise funds for each of these amazing organizations. A purchase with Repurpose makes a difference. Your purchase can go towards supporting women facing homelessness or providing relief to communities facing food insecurity or help maintain services that help those affected by mental illness. The possibilities are endless and each sale has the potential to help people that face tough circumstances. Shopping with Repurpose is not like any other resale transaction, it gives you the power to touch someone’s life and help make the world a better place. 

Not only does our resale luxury clothing help people but it also does more for the environment too. Buying our preloved fashion helps reduce waste by decreasing your carbon print and preventing textile waste from ending up in landfills. Buying resale clothing is better for the Earth because it saves energy and resources. According to sustainable fashion consultant, Rachel Kibbe, buying secondhand is actually the best way to shop sustainably since clothing production creates so much waste and pollution. Shopping sustainably also decreases the demand for fast fashion which is known to severely pollute the environment and exploit garment workers. With Repurpose, customers can enjoy buying clothing without the fear of doing damage to the environment. All of our items are sourced from a trusted network of donors made up of stylists, fashion mavens, and women committed to uplifting others. Our sustainable fashion catalog has stylish clothing from brands like Balenciaga, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and more! There’s no greater deal than getting to help humanity and the planet.

P.S. Repurpose Wardrobe has some exciting news to announce. We invite you to come safely shop with us in person at our pop-up retail location opening soon. Repurpose Wardrobe will be open for business alongside Malia Mills, SITA NYC, and Lettuce Grow at 1122 Madison Ave at 84th Street. Be sure to check out the pop-up shop for an opportunity to make a positive impact by purchasing our merchandise.