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A generous portion of each brand sponsor is donated to Repurpose Workforce Development Program. Our workforce development is dedicated to mentor and offer job placement for first generation college graduates and students. We'll be working in close collaboration with our partners and seeking out new partners to support us in our efforts to increase opportunities for women and families in need. Your support is critical to our ability to support the health and wellbeing of women and families, empower women through the creation of workforce opportunities, and contribute to a more sustainable.

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A native of Kibbutz Afikim, Lia Kes grew up in an idealistic Israeli pioneering community in northern Israel. The idyllic landscape of orchards, plowed fields and nature at its best filled her childhood and day-to-day life on a kibbutz. This influenced Kes as a person and as a young designer. Kibbutz life required simple, practical clothing, and there was a raw, down-to-earth integrity to garments made at the communal sewing workshop known as the “matpera.” From the youngest to the oldest, the entire community was outfitted with the matpera’s simple, functional designs, which offered exceptional quality and a certain utilitarian charm.

Created by Aljohara Almodaimigh and Gianfranco Zani in 2018, the duo brought together their unique experiences and perspectives into the brand's design and technology. They set out to create investment basics that seamlessly transition between a woman's private and public life. The brand offers pieces that provide an effortless and stylish transition from lounging and play to work and travel. Driven by technology, SITA created their own trademarked fabric titled SITATECH™, an innovative fabric with permanent agents that neutralize odors, withstand machine washing, wick away moisture and exhibits superior quality, whilst being weightless and soft.
The time is now to embrace the value of clean beauty. Whether you are a passionate creator of a clean beauty product, a curious explorer who is looking for an authentic experience, or a long-time lover of clean beauty, ONDA Beauty is here for you. ONDA Beauty helps you experience natural beauty within a warm, inviting, helpful space, at our stores in Tribeca, Sag Harbor, and Sydney, Australia, as well as online. Our dedicated and passionate staff will guide you to find the best products for your skin, lifestyle, and peace of mind. 


Drawing from the rich symbolism of Eastern and Western philosophies, Orly Marcel is a timeless collection of spiritually inspired fine jewelry by designer Orly Eisbart. Each piece in this exquisitely crafted collection is intentionally designed with a deeper sense of meaning to support you wherever you are on your spiritual journey through life. Dedicated to making the world a brighter, more beautiful place, Orly Marcel commits a percentage of all profits to charitable causes close to our heart.



Melanie Dunea is an award-winning American photographer and author, best known for the book series My Last Supper as well as her revealing portraits of some of the world’s most celebrated artists, chefs, politicians, and intellectuals.