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What We Do


Our Story

Repurpose Wardrobe was founded by NYC personal stylist, Jessie Freschl. The idea of Repurpose came to Jessie when she realized that while her clients, and many other women stimulate the economy with large retail purchases, they are constantly churning their closets to make way for new items. By donating previously loved luxury items to Repurpose, donors can take a tax deduction on the fair market value of their resale items and simultaneously create new revenue streams for nonprofits that are in desperate need of funding. 


Our Mission

Repurpose is a grant making nonprofit that donates 100% of net proceeds from resale luxury items to organizations that support the health and wellbeing of women and families. In addition to supporting select organizations, our operations empower women from under resourced backgrounds through mentorship and workforce opportunities. 


Our Approach

Every aspect of our community is woven together by the philanthropic passing on of well crafted clothing.  From donors to sustainable shoppers, each one plays a role in uplifting someone less fortunate. Our workforce development is dedicated to mentor and offer job placement for first generation college graduates and students of FIT and graduates of STRIVE.  

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