Sustainability Podcasts

Sustainability can be a complex topic. However, it’s an important issue to be educated in because it is the most appropriate response to climate change. With that being said, learning about sustainability and business doesn’t have to be hard. You can discover more just by opening your ears. Listening to podcasts can be a fun and informative way to gain a better understanding. Tune into these sustainability-focused podcasts for some quality discussions and a chance to expand your knowledge. 

Wardrobe Crisis

The Wardrobe Crisis hosted by sustainable fashion expert Clare Press is a podcast that raises social awareness and discusses sustainable fashion. With more than 130 episodes this podcast explores a variety of topics featuring activists, economists, and fashion icons as guests. The theme for the podcast’s fifth season is titled #Sharethepodcastmic and has featured guest hosts such as Aditi Mayer and Aja Barber. The most recent episode was produced in partnership with Fashion Revolution. The Wardrobe Crisis offers listeners a front row seat to sustainable fashion by providing enlightening information and sharing the work of others.

Conscious Chatter

It’s because “what we wear matters” that inspired sustainable style maven and digital storyteller, Kestrel Jenkins to start her podcast Conscious Chatter. Conscious Chatter fosters insightful conversations around the clothes we wear. Jenkins brings the audience into an engaging discussion by addressing the social and environmental issues within the fashion industry while also challenging how to make things better. Well known guests featured on Conscious Chatter include Dominique Drakeford, Elizabeth Kline and Olivia Lopez. Conscious Chatter is a great podcast to listen to because it encourages listeners to think about fashion in a more thoughtful manner.

Wear Your Values

The Wear Your Values podcast is a product of the sustainable fashion brand ECHTE. ECHTE’s commitment to ethical fashion inspired the creation of a five part series that thoroughly explains sustainability and encourages conscious behavior. This podcast is suitable for those with a busy schedule since each episode is under 30 minutes. It’s also great for those who are introducing themselves to sustainable fashion. Wear Your Values breaks down sustainability by explaining it at the different levels, all the way from clothing production to consumption. Also, ECHTE discloses transparency throughout the episodes by revealing the brand’s own work. Andrew Davidson guides listeners through sustainability by speaking with experts in different parts of the industry.

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