Meet our brand sponsor Lettuce Grow

Through the generous funding of our sponsors Repurpose Wardrobe can pursue its mission. In the spring of this year, Lettuce Grow joined our community of givers. Their thoughtful donations support Repurpose Wardrobe’s operations. We continue the act of kindness by raising funds for our partner non-profits and providing jobs for people who have faced economic hardship. Founded by Zoey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik, Lettuce Grow is a company that challenges consumers to rethink food. Food production consumes large amounts of resources. According to, the American food supply uses 15.7 percent of the total energy budget, 50 percent of all land and 80 percent of all freshwater. In addition, the food industry generates a ton of waste. Nearly half of fresh produce in the United States gets thrown away making food a significant portion of landfill waste. Lettuce Grow is working to combat these issues by bringing sustainable food into homes of families.  

The concept of Lettuce Grow marries simplicity with sustainability. Lettuce Grow’s farmstand allows customers to harvest fresh vegetables and fruits right in the comfort of their own homes. It is a hydroponic gardening system that can be used indoors and outdoors. The farmstand is only four-square feet so it’s suitable to be utilized inside of apartments or in large backyards. This product is also user-friendly for gardening beginners since it’s self-watering and self-fertilizing. Looking after the farmstand is quick and easy. Overall, it saves you time and saves the Earth some energy. The strategic design of the farmstand is what makes it sustainable. Each farmstand is made from non-toxic ocean-bound plastic recovered from coastal communities. In comparison to traditional gardening, the farmstand significantly uses less water. According to Lettuce Grow, the farmstand uses less than one gallon of water per plant while traditional gardening uses 20 gallons per plant. Like us, Lettuce Grow understands the power of giving back. Their Lettuce Give program donates one farmstand to a local school or community for every ten farmstands sold. Lettuce Grow currently has an installation within our pop-up store where customers can purchase their products using a special QR code that will make a direct donation to our organization.

As a sponsor, Lettuce Grow has already made an immeasurable impact on our Style for Good community. Their generosity helped Repurpose Wardrobe in opening our retail location in the Upper East Side. In addition, the funding has been an incredible aid to expanding the size of our team. Repurpose Wardrobe is giving back to communities facing economic and social hardship by offering employment opportunities that provide professional development. Our newest employees receive personal training where they can develop versatile career skills. Daphne and Joyce joined our team as retail associates, and they have been instrumental to the Repurpose Wardrobe retail experience. Repurpose Wardrobe plans to gradually broaden our workforce development by partnering with Women in Need NYC to create an employment program. WIN is a non-profit organization that offers safe housing and critical services to unhoused women and families. The upcoming program would offer open positions to women under the care of WIN. Repurpose Wardrobe is proud to have sponsors who believe in giving back to the community and the planet.


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