Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Every year March 8th calls for the worldwide celebration of women’s accomplishments in social, economic, cultural and political spaces. This holiday also encourages participants to engage in the movement towards gender equality. The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “Choose to Challenge”. Making the choice to challenge sexism is the first step to creating change. Participate in IWD by commemorating  the achievements of women, promoting awareness around gender equality, or supporting female focused charities. Repurpose Wardrobe is inviting others to celebrate IWD with us by shopping at our End of the Season sale, starting today, Monday March 8th, until March 15th. Repurpose Wardrobe is dedicated to changing the lives of women. Proceeds from each purchase will support our mission. Repurpose Wardrobe is excited to announce that we will be partnering with three new non-profit organizations for 2021.

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen, also known as WCK, is a non-profit organization with a national mission to help communities heal from crisis by providing food and strengthening economies. Through their culinary training programs, social enterprise ventures and food relief responses WCK has been making a difference in underserved communities since 2010. The training programs have helped people attain professional opportunities while their food resilience programs have boosted food security and improved human and environmental health. WCK works to provide communities relief and equips them with the tools they need for success. Just last year WCK”s Food Producer Network helped farmers in Puerto Rico gain the skills of beekeeping and reap its many benefits. 

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NYS)

The National Alliance on Mental Illness provides mental health services that help individuals and their families affected by mental illness lead better lives. NAMI offers several different programs such as educational workshops and support groups. NAMI is also committed to promoting awareness and ending stigma surrounding mental illness. They typically host their signature event, NAMIWalks, every year where more than 100,000 participants come together to walk and raise funds for local NAMI programs. They also offer those who are living with mental illnesses a platform to speak out. It’s called In Our Own Voice. Today, NAMI still continues to support people affected by mental illness and increase community awareness.

Women In Need NYC

Women in Need NYC is a non-profit in New York City that provides homeless women and their children with shelter and housing. As 62 percent of New York City’s homeless population are families with children WIN currently runs 12 shelters and 335 supportive housing units across the city. In addition to offering safe housing WIN also has programs that women find stability and transition back into permanent housing. WIN advocates for reform that will help break the cycle of homelessness. Their Forgotten Faces of Homelessness campaign releases an annual report that reveals the startling numbers of homeless women and children in NYC. The campaign advocates for different solution policies that can help support homeless women and their children.


Repurpose Wardrobe chooses to challenge the adversities women face by supporting organizations like WIN and many more. We urge our Fashion for Good community to #shopforapurpose at our End of the Season sale to help women and their families in need. View our collection and make an impactful purchase as we head into the Spring season. We hope you accept this challenge and help us spread the word this International Women’s Day!

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