Introducing the RENEW Program: Recapping the First Week

Introducing the RENEW Program: Recapping the First Week
Allison Stroman

On June 4, Shop Repurpose launched The RENEW Program, the Repurpose Education Network for an Empowered Workforce. Trainees participate in one of six industry paths: Retail Operations & Merchandising, Digital Marketing & Social Media, eCommerce & Editorial Photography, Copy & Blog Writing, Upcycling Design, and Management & Entrepreneurship. Led by Alexi Mortenson and Jessie Freschl, RENEW aims to equip interns with skills, experiences, networking opportunities, and confidence in their abilities. The skills learned in the RENEW program prepare trainees to secure strong first jobs in the fashion and design industries. Shop Repurpose is proud to say that over 84% of trainees have moved on to higher paid positions or continued education.

At the core of RENEW is collaboration and an environment where people from all backgrounds receive encouragement and the necessary tools to learn, grow, and succeed in the program and beyond. As trainees across six industry paths work together, the program fosters the constant and authentic exchange of unique ideas and experiences. All trainees participate in e-learning modules to provide learning on each trade alongside personal development modules on goal-setting, work-life balance, and the core values and mission of Shop Repurpose. 

In addition to e-learning modules, trainees have 1:1 mentorship to ensure their goals are supported during and after the program and they are able to thrive professionally and personally. Trainees also participate in workshops by industry experts that provide an opportunity for in-depth exploration in each industry path, hands-on experience in the field, and networking with active industry professionals. 

The first week of the RENEW Program involved orientation and each trainee commencing their industry path. This is what some of the trainees thought about their first week and what they are looking forward to in this program.

Janelis Gonzalez, Social Media & Marketing trainee from FIT Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology, described it as “inspiring, motivating, and fulfilling because I get to apply what I have learned in my undergraduate in my everyday work for a good cause around amazing people!”. This positive sentiment is echoed in Janelis’ excitement to participate in shooting new photos and content and “seeing how everything translates on our social media platforms”. 

Victor Pickens, eCommerce & Editorial Photography trainee from FIT School of Art and Design, described his first week as “eventful” and he “met a lot of new faces and got acclimated to the workflow of photography at the office”. Victor is looking forward to applying his photography skills and “learn how photography functions in the E-commerce marketing space”.

Isa Martins, Social Media & Marketing trainee from the NYU Stern School of Business, shared similar excitement and positivity about the first week: “My first week was amazing, I can tell I am going to be making meaningful connections with everyone on the team”. Isa is most looking forward to “planning to increase attention to our sale. Brand strategy is my favorite part of marketing”.

Miyu Shan, Upcycling Design trainee from LIM College Fashion Merchaniding and Retail Management Masters Program, characterized her first week as a RENEW trainee as “incredibly immersive and engaging”. Miyu enjoys the opportunity to get “hands-on with sketching ideas for new garments made from donated luxury items and collaborating with the upcycling team”. She is excited for the experience in “an exciting blend of learning new skills, understanding the upcycling process, and contributing my own creative ideas”.

As the Copy & Blog Writing trainee from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, I, Allison Stroman, found learning about my fellow trainees at RENEW inspiring and exciting for the future. I am honored to feature them in my first blog post. I am looking forward to researching and writing about a wide range of topics throughout this program. 

Shop Repurpose is proud to empower individuals  in the fashion and design industry by providing job readiness skill training and career mentorship. The RENEW program advances this mission through training and uplifting the next generation of the fashion and design industries. We would be grateful for your support in furthering the Shop Repurpose mission

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