Holiday Fashion Guide

Holiday Fashion Guide

The holiday season is officially here and that means it's time to start planning outfits for all of the fun events the season has to offer. With endless holiday parties and family gatherings, finding the perfect outfit for each event can often be quite stressful. This year, instead of buying multiple new outfits, try making more conscious choices when it comes to dressing for these events. 

Conscious Consumerism

Conscious consumerism is more important now than ever. As individuals, the small choices we make when it comes to purchasing clothes make the overall biggest impact. Our founder, Jessie Freschl says, “This holiday season try to challenge yourself by making conscious choices in the way you consume.” This is a fun and new approach to holiday dressing and allows you to get super creative. How can you consciously consume this holiday season? 

Ways to Dress Consciously

Here are 4 ways you can dress consciously this holiday season:

  1. Shop from your closet: Try looking at your closet with a new lens by looking at what you already own and styling it in a new way. Make your old clothes feel new again by giving them a second chance and get creative when it comes to festive dressing. 
  2. Borrow from a friend: Consider shopping in a friend’s closet and encouraging them to do the same! Sharing with friends is an amazing way to discover new pieces of clothing and experiment with your style at no extra cost. 
  3. Renting: Fashion rental services are a far more sustainable option when it comes to shopping. Rental services allow you to subscribe to a membership and rent a certain amount of pieces a month with easy returns. Different rental services’ policies may vary but all of them provide you with the joy of shopping without the commitment of buying.
  4. Supporting ethical clothing brands: If you decide to purchase clothes this holiday season, consider shopping pre-loved or supporting a truly sustainable brand. Shopping for pre-loved items is an amazing and ethical way to shop. Here at Shop Repurpose, we utilize the resale of luxury items to provide job readiness training, personal development, and mentorship while providing a platform for sustainability in the fashion industry.

Here are 5 versatile holiday looks from Shop Repurpose that you can wear to any of your holiday events this season:

Shop the look: Alice + Olivia Blazer, Frame Top, Jose Sanchez Pants, Tabitha Simmons Heels  

Shop the look: SemSem Jumpsuit, Valentino Pumps

Shop the look: Oliphant Top, Emilio Pucci Pant, Dior Heels

Shop the look: Zang Toi Dress, Christian Louboutin Boots

Shop the look: Isabel Marant Top, Grlfrnd Pant, Brian Atwood Boot

Check out what else we have to offer here at Shop Repurpose for you to wear to your holiday events. 

For additional items or any questions you may have, contact our styling team at 

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