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What is Strive?

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STRIVE is a career training and support program that aims to help underserved communities in the United States find and sustain careers in the workforce. The program was established 40 years ago in the basement of apartment housing in East Harlem. Over the past four decades,

STRIVE has been able to assist more than 70,000 people in gaining successful careers. 

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STRIVE focuses on reducing the wage and job opportunity gap in America, specifically for people in low-income communities. This includes young adults, formerly incarcerated individuals and people of color. These communities are often disproportionally affected by wage gaps and lack of opportunity in the workforce.

The program has three distinct subsections: STRIVE Career Path, STRIVE Future Leaders and STRIVE Fresh Start. 

With STRIVE Career Path, students attend a job readiness workshop, occupational skills training, career coaching, job placement assistance and lifetime career support for after the complete the program.

STRIVE Future Leaders, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, offers youth work experience, community service opportunities and leadership roles that will guide them to a successful life in adulthood.

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Lastly, STRIVE Fresh Start is a re-entry program for formerly incarcerated individuals, which provides resources and skills training to help them reintegrate into society. Fresh Start offers therapy, legal services, occupational skills training and job opportunities for students.


Why does Repurpose support Strive?

Repurpose is always about representing and supporting underserved families in NYC. STRIVE allows people who do not have the necessary resources on their own to build a successful life and career. Repurpose has been able to partner with STRIVE in the past to offer paid internships for young people, offering the opportunity to learn about subjects they’re passionate about, while also being compensated for their work.

In the coming months, Repurpose intends to collaborate with Strive New York’s SMART program for the benefit of women formerly incarcerated at Rikers Island. The trainees will work at the promotional events and the Charitable Organization’s store, by providing on-the-job training for women who have recently left incarceration. Paid trainees are expected to gain valuable experience in the retail and service industries. Through the training provided, the volunteers will develop the skills necessary to transition back to mainstream work environments.

Everyone deserves the chance to achieve in life, whether that be through their career or the relationships. STRIVES gives guidance to those looking to make the most of their circumstances and gain meaningful and lasting knowledge.


What can you do to support Strive?

35 years of STRIVE event   Vanessa, Graduate speaker from STRIVE's 2019 Women's Empowerment Luncheon at her graduation

1. Attend Events

STRIVE holds various events each year that allows attendees to gain insight on career and networking opportunities. Due to COVID-19, STRIVE is holding a virtual Empowerment Gala on Thursday, October 29th. Click here for more information.

2. Join the STRIVE Team

STRIVE has career opportunities for people looking to contribute to the organization’s various programs. You can view the available job postings here.

3. Donate

Donating to STRIVE can help provide students with clothes and equipment for jobs, career coaching sessions, therapy, work opportunities and more! If you’d like to donate, you can follow this link.


Repurpose is committed to raising funds to fight COVID-19 and systemic policy racism by partnering with the following organizations. Net proceeds of online sales will go to the following organizations.  

Campaign Zero  

Hearts of Gold 

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Blog post written by Kayla Sabre

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