3 NYC Black Owned Restaurants to Support

Three NYC Black Owned Restaurants to Support

Celebrate Black History Month and enrich your tastebuds with a meal from a Black owned restaurant. Food is an important part of any culture. It tells the story of heritage and gets passed down from generation to generation. While food can satisfy an appetite, it can also cultivate a sense of belonging. Gathering together to share a meal can always be a memorable experience. Food is a great outlet for cultural sharing and generating togetherness. Since the pandemic, the restaurant industry has taken a serious hit. Black owned restaurants have become especially vulnerable during this time, we’ve highlighted three spots in NYC for you to try. 

The Edge Harlem

For your next brunch outing consider trying The Edge Harlem. The owners, Juliet and Justine Masters, incorporated details from Harlem’s history and their own childhood into the restaurant's ambiance. For the last 18 years, the two sisters have been calling Harlem their home. Their vision for the restaurant included showcasing their Jamaican and English background while also embracing Harlem’s rich legacy. The menu consists of a blend of Jamaican, English and American cuisine. They have a large menu of flavorful dishes to enjoy. Along with their tasty food, customers get the chance to experience Harlem’s culture. The location itself is a part of Harlem’s history as it used to be a popular meeting place for artistic 

figures like Langston Hughes, during the Harlem Renaissance. 

Lloyd's Carrot Cake

It’s all in the name. For your sweeter cravings, indulge yourself with some carrot cake from Lloyd’s. Pick up a slice or an entire cake from either of their locations in Riverdale or Harlem. Famously known for their carrot cake, Lloyd’s also offers different baked goods on their menu as well. The family business was opened in Riverdale in 1985 by the late Lloyd Adams. After perfecting the recipe, Adams opened the first storefront in Riverdale, New York. Now Lloyd’s Carrot Cake is considered a New York delicacy. In fact, just last December Lloyd’s Carrot Cake was featured in Bon Appetit and categorized under their “Highly Recommended” list. It’s a perfect choice for dessert.

67 Orange Street

On your next night out, grab a cocktail from 67 Orange Street. Founded by Karl Franz Williams, 67 Orange Street is a living tribute that upholds Harlem’s historic nightlife. Inspired specifically by one of the first Black owned bars in NYC, Almack’s, 67 Orange Street continues to bring a fascinating energy to the community. In 2016, Grub Street listed 67 Orange Street as one of the best cocktail bars in NYC. Customers can also enjoy great food here as well. There's lots of rave over their red velvet waffles and their shrimp-and-lobster mac & cheese. In an interview with SevenFiftyDaily Williams said, “If something has a good legacy, I’m just trying to build on it.” 67 Orange Street’s presence is surely adding to Harlem’s legacy. Be sure to check out this speakeasy bar for a good drink.

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