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The Black Lives Matter movement began in 2013 after the murder of an unarmed black teenager, Trayvon Martin. The movement has since grown stronger as issues of police brutality continue to plague the black community, as well as the United States as a whole.

Seven years later, there are more than 150 organizations in the U.S. dedicated to seeking change and justice for those in the black community. Campaign Zero is one of the organizations that Repurpose directly supports.

What is Campaign Zero?

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Campaign Zero is a campaign project by the non-profit organization WeTheProtesters, which aims to fight police brutality through policy-based changes. Campaign Zero was founded by DeRay Mckesson and Samuel Sinyangwe.

Mckesson has always been an activist for equality and youth education. He worked as an educator in New York City before becoming a leading voice in the Black Lives Movement and subsequently cofounding Campaign Zero. Sinyangwe became a policy analyst after graduating from Stanford University. He uses his expertise to combat systemic racism through research and policy-based solutions. In 2015, Mckesson and Sinyangwe teamed up to create Campaign Zero.

Donations to Campaign Zero go towards research of policy-based solutions for police brutality, research of policing across the U.S., development of model legislation against police violence and technical assistance for campaign organizers. Check out more about them here.

Why does Repurpose support Campaign Zero?

The main goal of Repurpose is to support other non-profits that are helping families to improve their quality of life. This is through providing funding for families living in poverty, families who are unable to receive medical assistance or families who are underrepresented and underserved in the United States.

What lessens one of us lessens all of us protest signSupporting Campaign Zero aligns with Repurpose’s goals because police brutality is not only a community issue but also a family issue. Families have been broken and displaced because of senseless violence. Children have lost their parents, sisters have lost the brothers and parents have lost their children to police brutality. Repurpose works to help underserved communities thrive. Campaign Zero’s policy research and solutions provide concrete, tactical means of change. 

What can you do to support Campaign Zero?

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Campaign Zero offers several ways for you to support their initiative. To take action, you can:

1. Track progress of legislation

On their website, Campaign Zero has an interactive map where you can click on your state and read about the laws that were passed to address police brutality.

2. Demand action from your representatives

Campaign Zero’s website allows you to type in your address to find your local representative. Simply type in your city and state or zip code to find out who represents you on the city, state and federal level of government.

3. Sign up to join Campaign Zero

You can take a two-minute survey that asks you a few questions on how you’d like to be involved. You can work with groups who analyze policies, design and develop Campaign Zero platforms, advocate for Campaign Zero or help with political campaigns and elections.

4. Donate

Donations are always welcome. As stated before, your donation will go directly to funding policy and policing research, campaign organization and the development of model legislation that will address police violence.


Repurpose is committed to raising funds to fight COVID-19 and systemic policy racism by partnering with the following organizations. Net proceeds of online sales will go to the following organizations.  

Campaign Zero  

Hearts of Gold 

Morning Side Center  


Blog post written by Kayla Sabre

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