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Meet Our Volunteers

Zarah Harris 

Social Media & Blog Contributor 

Zarah Harris is a journalism student at Manhattan College. She's a staff writer for LOTUS Magazine, the women’s magazine on campus. Zarah is very passionate about topics in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and wellness. She loves working with Repurpose Wardrobe because it uses fashion to make a positive difference. In her free time, Zarah enjoys exploring NYC with her friends.


Alexi Mortenson
Operations Lead
Alexi Mortenson is an aspiring entrepreneur and student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is currently studying sustainable fashion and business management. Her passion for combing fashion and sustainability led her to Repurpose, where she started as an operations intern. Prior to joining the Repurpose team, Alexi held various roles in brick and mortar retail. In addition to her experience in retail, Alexi has dedicated much of her life to dance. She has been dancing recreationally and competetively for 16 years. She also spent 6 years teaching dance at her childhood dance studio in Minnesota. 
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