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Volunteer Testimonials

I volunteer at Repurpose because it’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of an organization that not only supports women and families in need, but is also a sustainable source for luxury fashion. With consumer interests shifting toward buying secondhand, I believe this organization is the future of fashion. I also love collaborating with the passionate team of volunteers who are constantly uplifting and motivating one another.

Angelina S.

Operations Volunteer

I believe in the phrase “sharing is caring.” I care my neighbor and find volunteering at Repurpose is a good start share my skill sets to whoever in need.

Soy Y.

Marketing Volunteer

I chose to volunteer at Repurpose because the mission combines two things i’m very passionate about: fashion and doing the right thing

Sameer S.

Marketing Volunteer

As the resale market expands, Repurpose is leading the way of resale in the best way possible, helping other’s along the way. I wanted to be apart of such an empowering brand, and a brand that does good for other’s well-being.

Zoe V

Operations Volunteer

I first heard of Repurpose through my friend and thought why not give back to a community who needs it the most. The team was professional caring and driven.

Jay P

Model Volunteer

I volunteer with Repurpose because I am able to take my passion to make a change with me into the fashion industry and be able to learn from so many accomplished women and fellow students and volunteers.

Katurina F.

Operations Volunteer